Elevators Maintenance

Ensuring Optimal Performance

About Maintenance Services

About Maintenance Services

At Torino Elevators, our maintenance and after-sales services set us apart from competitors. We prioritize the safety and security of elevator users, ensuring Services content 3 efficient operation and extended lifespans of elevators. Our expert teams undergo continuous training and development, capable of handling emergency and periodic maintenance with precision.

Our Process - Elevate with Confidence


Dedicated Maintenance Department

Our maintenance department is a vital and integrated part of the company. Using an advanced electronic system, we promptly respond to customer calls through a 24-hour hotline, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust. With strategically located maintenance centers and cutting-edge satellite technologies, we offer swift responses to emergency calls.


Periodic Maintenance Teams

Our specialized periodic maintenance teams carefully inspect all elevator components, ensuring technical validity and quality. From lubrication to gear and railway checks, preventive maintenance is our priority, resulting in optimal elevator performance.


Swift Emergency Response

Our emergency maintenance teams operate 24/7, year-round, responding rapidly to immediate errors that demand swift action. Prioritizing elevator safety and user security, our teams resolve issues promptly.


Diverse Team, Better Communication

Our maintenance teams comprise engineers and technicians from different nationalities, enabling seamless communication with customers.

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We are committed to elevating your elevator experience and ensuring the utmost safety and satisfaction.