Shaftless Elevators

Space-Saving Vertical Mobility Solutions

about Shaftless Elevators

About Shaftless Elevators

Discover the innovative and space-saving world of Torino Elevators’ Shaftless Elevators. Designed for modern buildings with limited space, our shaftless elevators redefine vertical mobility with efficiency and elegance.

Why Choose Shaftless Elevators


Space - Saving Design

With no traditional elevator shaft, our shaftless elevators offer optimal space utilization, allowing architects and builders to maximize floor space


Architectural Freedom

Embrace creative architectural designs without the constraints of a traditional shaft, adding a unique touch to your building's aesthetics.


Efficient Installation

Our shaftless elevators are engineered for ease of installation, reducing construction time and costs

Key Features and Benefits

Customization Options

Personalize your shaftless elevator with various cabin designs, finishes, and lighting options to complement your building's style

Smooth and Silent Operation

Enjoy noise-free and smooth rides with our advanced technology, ensuring a comfortable elevator experience

Elevator Types

Residential Shaftless Elevators

Ideal for private homes and villas, these elevators blend seamlessly into residential spaces, adding convenience and luxury.

Installation and Maintenance

Our expert team ensures a seamless installation process, and our dedicated technicians provide regular maintenance, ensuring optimal elevator performance and longevity.

Installation and Maintenance

Ready to elevate vertical transportation in your commercial spaces? Contact us today to explore our passenger elevator solutions and provide your visitors with a superior elevator experience.